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J Art Design

not only aims at selling products in its own shop network, but also wants to convey to its customers, together with the work, the feelings experienced by the producers.

Each person will be able to grasp the emotions and the excitement of who has seen the wood becoming alive under his own hands and taking the shape of something which is not only a piece of furniture or a knick-knack, but a means to feel magically struck and to understand what the artist

wanted to communicate through his heart.

Therefore, you can be influenced by the joy, happiness, satisfaction, passion and fulfilment of who has created that work of art, has entrusted us with it, so the rest of the world can appreciate it.

J ART DESIGN directly participates, with a share of its profits, in humanitarian aid projects in those countries which host some of its production sites, with special attention to the aids for children, the right to water and the protection of health.