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J Art Design,

thanks to the long experience, has developed production sites located in several parts of the world. These sites are not factories, nor big companies, but small workshops and small studios that are completely artisanal. 

In these places, thanks to the collaboration of designers, craftsmen and several artists,
J ART DESIGN gives shape to its own creations.  
All the products of the range are handmade, single pieces, in order to ensure a high quality of the raw materials, high aesthetic level and exclusivity of the offered item.

In our products you can find refined and delicate features, natural colours and environmentally compatible materials, created with the use of hands, tools and soul, until the substance becomes alive.
The care that our company devotes to design, production and search for high quality raw materials, is combined with the remarkable care for the environment protection  .

All the items of J ART DESIGN
are natural, environmentally compatible and without or with the minimum amount of chemicals, that are substances that can jeopardize the environment and people.