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J Art Design Italia Srl

is a young company, however based on promoters with thirty-year experience in trading and service businesses, with special attention to seize the advantageous opportunities offered by the global market.
The convictions and the operational attitude of the company are focussed on few, but important points:

»  becoming a leader in the market of exclusively “handmade” products, with own design,
»  looking for the refined item, with valuable workmanship and difficult to find, being very careful about quality and the use of natural and environmentally sustainable products, with a drastic reduction of chemical and industrial products,
»  proposing a significantly varied range, making the own sale points “unique” and commercially innovative for the present market,
»  offering the joy of buying a unique item and/or product with an affordable price for all the pockets, something which does not only last in time, but also increases its value.
Such a commercial approach, despite the huge number of operators, thanks to the new concept of business typology, can only allow to achieve excellent financial and development results.

The skills and the presence of well-established partners on the new market, allows the company to have several craft production sites in the world, achieving products with exceptional workmanship, exclusively handmade, certified, difficult to find on the market for quality and design, achieving flexibility and high-standard sales conditions with an affordable price for everyone, transferring to the final user the advantages resulting from the direct relation established with the producers.

These conditions have to be transferred to the market in the best possible way, in order to allow good profitability to all the actors involved.

J Art Design Italia Srl, aware of the economic and financial problems that the major markets have been experiencing for a while, with special reference to the South European area, has decided to develop its sales through the franchising system, which, as it is well-known, is currently one of the few growing sectors, offering its potential franchisees completely affordable financial and economic conditions, aimed at encouraging the entrepreneurial boosts of the potential operators, without hindering the profits and minimizing the relevant risks.


Because we think that franchising:
1)  Represents a commercial investment with limited risk;
2)  Represents a way for a keen person, even with limited capital, to become independent by increasing the profits according to the skills and the commitment;
3)  Allows a great optimization of fixed costs,that at present are significantly limiting the will to grow, especially when it comes to costs for engineering, development, product study and advertisement;

4)  Allows the potential franchisee to devote all the attention to sales, exploiting the know how offered by the franchisor for display, supports for sales, promotion, management, production, design and more, which are normally very expensive in terms of time and capital to invest;
5)  Allows to become part of a big family, with the opportunity to share and exchange your own experiences, growing professionally, without the risk of making commercial mistakes,, which many times are fatal for the good management of your own company.


1) Proved commercial correctness ;
2) Knowledge of the market where they want to start-up the business;
3) Locations in towns with at least 25,000 inhabitants (or catchments area), with showcases on busy passing areas, both pedestrian and on

road, and installations which already comply with the law, (or to be made in compliance with by the owner);
 Maximum commitment and organisation
in managing the business (this issue shall be verified on regular basis by the franchisor).


1) Arrangement of the shop with wall painting, lights and luminous sign setting on our behalf, or with our exact instructions;
2) Organisation of the shop layout done by our designers;
3) Administrative assistance during the business start-up (if required…);
4) Detailed internet site with all the information about products, besides the reserved area to gather all the commercial and marketing news, information and real time access to the product stock, deliveries, possible orders on specific demand;
5) Possibility, thanks to the agreements with our partners, to finance the business start-up for up to 60 months, avoiding the financial obligation, speeding up the break even time and allowing to

pay your own new business with the cash flow resulting from management operations;
6) Limited incidence of fixed costs (see budget plan with break even calculation);
7) No royalties to pay out against the turnover in addition to the purchase commitment;
8) No promotional limitations for the franchisee, and a small institutional advertisement contribution required;
9) On demand of the franchisee, possibility to provide an accounting and financial service company specialised in supporting the franchisees, optimising costs and benefits ;
10) In the case of demand of a franchisee with special operational standards, possibility to adjust the shop format to the different needs;
11) No bank guarantee required.


a)  Furniture for indoors and outdoors: unique handmade pieces with precious wood and materials, produced by our craftsmen located in different parts of the planet, with certificate of origin and authenticity ;
b)  Furniture, accessories and fittings strictly made and/or woven by hand with 100% recicled materials, and in very limited edition , with exclusive design and authenticity, origin and produced quantity certificates;
c)  Furniture accessories: : (vases and knick-knacks) unique handmade pieces with ceramics, terracotta and wood, produced by craftsmen located in different parts of the planet, with certificate of origin and authenticity;
d)  Carpets:hand woven with precious fibres in single pieces, with ancient method and workmanship, made by craftsmen located in different parts of the planet, with certificate of origin and authenticity;
e)  Batik and Tenun: hand woven and designed with precious fibres and natural colours, in single pieces with ancient method and workmanship, made by craftsmen located in different parts of the planet, with certificate of origin and authenticity;

f)  Wax candle: Compositions and wax candles, strictly handmade with natural certified paraffins, made by Italian artists ;
g)  Creams and perfumes: Great range of products for body and environment, made of natural materials and strictly handmade with ancient recipes, in Italian workshops;
h)  Scented soaps for personal and home hygiene. Soaps and accessories made with vegetal oils and elements, strictly handmade by certified French producers ;
i)  Paintings and Pictures: paintings made by international painters with different techniques, also with ancient methods, reproductions of famous works of the past and unique pieces in ancient and modern style, with certificate of origin and authenticity ;
j)  Jewels and other handmade items:  We are also studying a wide range of jewels and other handmade items, strictly produced with natural materials.



All the products manufactured and sold in J ART DESIGN shops, (excluding creams and perfumes), can be customized following the idea, design and order of each single customer.

All the products manufactured and sold in J ART DESIGN shops are made and manufactured with environmentally compatible materials, in the utmost respect of the environment, with natural raw materials, under the control not only of our company, but also of the organisations in charge of safeguarding the exploitation of labour, environment and reducing the energy consumption and hence the global pollution.

J ART DESIGN directly participates, with a share of its profits, in humanitarian aid projects in those countries which host some of its production sites, with special attention to the aids for children, the right to water and the protection of health.

Via Vincenzo Monti 8/a 20123 MILANO (Italy)
tel. +39 02 46712737/fax +39 02 48013233
P.I. 07123450962
email: info@jartdesign.it
web:www.j-art-design.com; www.jartdesign.it